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Monitoring real progress.

Click the button to go to the Tracking section.


In the gray Subbar below the main Toolbar, there are dropdown lists for scoping data to a specific School Year, Term and Week.

Progress Bars

To the left the Students are listed with general progress bars for the currently selected School Year, Term, and Week beneath their names. The progress bars update automatically as you work your way through School Work, providing an overview of your progress. When a School Year, Term or Week is complete the progress bar turns green.

School Work

Select any Student to view their scheduled School Work which is shown to the right. Notice each item of School Work has a “Show Info” button. When clicked, you can see the description / general instuctions and attached Resources, a nice reminder of the work to be accomplished.

The information displayed by the "Show Info" button can be key for Students who work on their own or parents who need a reminder.

Segments or "Days"

The bars beneath each item of School Work are segmented according to the number of times (roughly equivalent to days) School Work is supposed to be done that week. Clicking a segment presents an update form for that segment.

Do Next: The first form field is a checkbox labeled “Do Next”. Check it, then click update and the segment turns orange. This is useful for deciding the night before, exactly what will be tackled the next day, or for assigning work to older students who are working more independently.

Complete: The second form field is a checkbox labeled “Complete”. Check it, then click update when the work for that segment is complete. It will turn red if there are segments yet to be completed or green if the School Work item is done for the week.

Date Picker: The third form field is a date picker. It always presents the current date, so if segments are checked “complete” as they are done, changes to this field won't be needed. However, adjustments can be made when necessary.

Some may choose to use only the checkboxes and the completion date. That's great, if it's all that's needed. However, more information may be needed for personal evaluation or to assist with state reporting. Additional form fields have been provided for these purposes.

Completion Time: Completion time is for recording the number of minutes spent on a particular segment. It is used in reports to calculate the average amount of time spent on a specific School Work item in a given timeframe.

Description: The description field can be used to provide more specific instructions but is better used to record what was actually done.